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The new HealthVerity: View from the Curisium CEO

Last week, HealthVerity announced its acquisition of Curisium, an innovator in cloud-based drug rebate processing and contract performance management. The acquisition will help support payers, PBMs and life sciences clients by extending HealthVerity’s offerings to include Curisium’s technology platform, an operating system that delivers automated workflows standardizing contracting, adjudication and payment processes. For both Curisium and HealthVerity clients, this represents expanded data access and technical capabilities across a multitude of timely uses cases in the healthcare industry.

The entire Curisium team, led by co-founders Peter Kim and Francis Lam, have already joined HealthVerity. Peter Kim, the former CEO of Curisium, shared his thoughts on the acquisition: “We share a common goal of privacy and security-first infrastructure for healthcare data. The meaning of that data is now extended to include what’s required to make market access decisions— and that’s where Curisium comes in.” 

The combination of the two companies creates an opportunity that’s brand new to today’s manufacturers and PBMs, Kim explains. “When manufacturers contemplate more innovative go-to-market strategies, they now have a clear view of both contract arrangements and clinical healthcare data. Partners trust HealthVerity and Curisium with their most sensitive business data, and our best-in-class technology is built to protect it.” 

Kim looks forward to delivering greater levels of support to their customer base. “We’re bringing our solutions to an even greater proportion of the healthcare ecosystem. Curisium clients can now benefit from HealthVerity’s vast network of 60+ existing data partners and the unique technologies that bring together a greater set of disparate data assets.”

HealthVerity clients now have the ability to marry the data required for contracts. They can now better analyze and optimize their rebate contracts, and ultimately, their market access strategies. HealthVerity is now positioned to deliver technologies that can dramatically improve the efficiency and transparency of the cost and complications of patients on a drug.

"We are excited to join HealthVerity and to continue our mission of empowering life sciences companies and payers with a more agile, progressive approach to healthcare contracting," said Kim. "Our clients will now have access to clinically relevant outcomes that have benefitted from these healthcare contracts, in addition to a greater understanding of the impact on patient lives.” 

For both Curisium and HealthVerity clients, this represents a major opportunity for high-governance, privacy-compliant data sharing between pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and payers. To learn more, read the full announcement below. 

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