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Real-world evidence and COVID-19: Empower rapid, reliable, data science-driven decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered intense and widespread action among the biopharma industry and its regulators. As organizations move to accelerate interventions to treat and prevent COVID-19, understanding the impact on patient populations and subpopulations is critical.

This need comes as the clinical trial infrastructure is disrupted—nearly two-thirds of 170 clinical trial sites surveyed in the U.S. believe patients will be less likely to enroll in new clinical research trials due to COVID-19—and biopharma may need to turn to non-traditional trials to help answer questions on the safety and effectiveness of treatments.

With so much at stake, we must act quickly to assess and advance treatments for COVID-19, yet no less rigorously in upholding evidence standards. Manufacturers and regulators need reliable, replicable and transparent evidence now more than ever.

That is why HealthVerity and Aetion have launched Real-Time Insights and Evidence, the first and only real-world evidence system that combines COVID-ready analytics with near real-time data, to assess treatment approaches for COVID-19. 

Real-world evidence can and must play an important role in addressing these high-stakes questions in the current climate. We’ve amassed data that cuts across care settings and that are simultaneously current and complete, along with regulatory-grade analytic capabilities to help manufacturers and regulators quickly reach valid answers. 

HealthVerity and Aetion created this offering to meet this challenge: to support in-the-moment and adaptive response as data accrue, to enable decision-ready evidence and to ensure transparency around its generation—to determine which treatments work best, for whom and when.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented shock to the healthcare system. Joined together and with our biopharma partners, we’re ready for the hard work ahead. To learn more about how life sciences are using RWD to answer questions on COVID-19 interventions and on the pandemic’s broader impact on healthcare register for the webinar hosted by HealthVerity CEO, Andrew Kress, and Aetion Co-Founder, President and Chief Science Officer, Jeremy Rassen.

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