Real-World Data and Government and Public Health Agencies

Why government and public health agencies contract for the HealthVerity IPGE platform as a trusted source for RWD

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, government and public health agencies such as the FDA, CDC and NCI, worked in unison with life sciences organizations who were conducting clinical research studies at a pandemic-driven pace for emergency vaccine approvals and updates to federal guidelines regarding COVID-19. To quickly reach well informed decisions, many organizations turned to real-world data (RWD) managed within the HealthVerity IPGE platform to drive analytics and track outcomes that influenced critical next steps.

While COVID-19 sparked an unprecedented sense of urgency for research and development (R&D), HealthVerity has been a long-time RWD source for federal agencies across many therapeutic areas. Whether the goal has been to support critical R&D into antibodies for cancer patients, the need for a COVID-19 booster shot or to support targeted areas of study such as viral hepatitis, HIV, or health outcomes between mothers and their infants, federal agencies have contracted with HealthVerity as a trusted RWD provider. Capabilities such as the availability of RWD in near real time, market leading identity resolution accuracy and a never-ending commitment to HIPAA compliance are just a few of the attributes that are critically important for this work.

A novel, fully interoperable RWD ecosystem

The clinical trial timeline for FDA approval and availability in market of vaccines has historically been five to 10 years, but the urgency surrounding COVID-19 compressed that timeline  to under one year. In addition, COVID-19 was a type of virus that researchers had rarely encountered and didn’t entirely understand. As such, R&D efforts for vaccine science needed to be processed and analyzed in near real time in order to project the trajectory of emerging variants and length of vaccine effectiveness.

Throughout the pandemic, public health agencies contracted with HealthVerity to facilitate critical decision making. Given the relative success of the COVID-19 process, patients are now encouraging governing bodies to work in conjunction with pharma companies to apply the same methodologies to treatments in other therapeutic areas, driving up the importance of accessing RWD more broadly and more precisely.

Partnering with HealthVerity for COVID-19 RWD and beyond

HealthVerity was recently awarded a contract with the CDC to provide fully interoperable, patient-centric RWD for more than 100 million US patients to contribute to novel insights into new and emerging priority questions related to SARS-CoV-2 variants, vaccinations, testing, re-infection, health impact, natural history, and long-term effects of COVID-19. In addition, government and public health agencies have leveraged RWD sourced from the HealthVerity IPGE platform to address some of their most complicated use cases. 

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