HealthVerity joins Time to Vote movement

HealthVerity empowers fourteen team members to form the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Council as a means to celebrate shared values across HealthVerity and to expand awareness of issues impacting minority populations. 

The EID was conceived after a series of small team conversations on diversity organized earlier this year by chief operating officer Andrew Goldberg.  Through this initiative, the entire company met in groups of twelve to express their thoughts and experiences concerning equality in a safe and open environment. Goldberg chartered the EID to take the best ideas from employees and propose actionable steps that ultimately improve inclusion, the first of which is voting. 

“Our purpose is to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable culture both here at HealthVerity as well as within our larger communities. Voting has such an impact relative to equity and social justice that we wanted to focus on this as a company”, explained EID Council member Alex Bouril. “Nearly 50 percent of our company has already registered and has a plan to vote today. We plan on growing that number by helping HealthVerity teammates to navigate the voting process and by publishing voting guides for those states in which employees live.” 

Furthermore, HealthVerity has joined Time to Vote, reaffirming the company’s commitment that each team member be granted sufficient time during the workday to vote on November 3rd.  As of August 27th, “more than 700 companies have now joined Time to Vote, a business-led, nonpartisan coalition that aims to increase voter participation in the U.S. elections. Participation includes giving employees access to and information about early voting or vote-by-mail options, offering paid time off on Election Day or making it a day without meetings.” A few notable companies that have recently joined the movement include Dell Technologies, GitHub, Nike, SAP and now HealthVerity.  

T-shirts, emblazoned with the word “VOTE,” have been mailed to HealthVerity team members in an effort to excite our community about the upcoming election and exercising our right to vote. Proud to be a Center City, Philadelphia-based company, the design of the “VOTE” logo mirrors that of the iconic LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, for which Philadelphia’s Love Park is named.

Caitlin Feeney, another Council member, shared her perspective on more internally focused missions. “As a recruiter, I am looking forward to hearing ideas and perspectives from the group concerning hiring, and carrying out actionable steps to increase diversity. Right now, due to time sensitivity, our focus is on the HealthVerity Voting Initiative, with a goal to have 100% of our employees registered to vote.”

Visit for information about voting and how to make your own voting plan.


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