Enterprise data strategy: Are you equipped for today’s world?

By: John Cappiello, HealthVerity CTO

The healthcare landscape is changing and the need for an enterprise-wide data strategy is no longer just a “nice-to-have”. Today’s healthcare enterprises recognize that achieving a comprehensive view of all patient or consumer data is more essential than ever before. Organizations are working tirelessly to collect more detailed information at every opportunity, but just having the data will not help them make accurate and effective business decisions. Organizations need to be able to fully understand the breadth and depth of their data to develop actionable insights.

Your healthcare enterprise includes consultants, data scientists, analysts, and marketing teams all looking to use data to make credible decisions. Before any of this data is sourced, your organization needs to decide how how it will effectively execute its data strategy.

Current enterprise data assessment

The questions below should prompt some necessary thinking surrounding your existing data strategy. The more NO’s, the more likely your current data infrastructure is not scalable or equipped to manage the growing demands of today’s healthcare industry.

Enterprise data assessment

Competition and compliance

When your organization has a good understanding of the “what” and “where” of your data, additional details are needed to execute an effective ongoing and repeatable strategy, without exhausting internal resources. The following areas may require internal development time, outside resources, or may still need to be outlined and vetted by your team:

  • HIPAA Certified De-identification
  • Patient Mastering
  • Patient Consent
  • Data Source connectivity
  • Data Source quality control
  • Data Transformation Pipeline
  • ETL routines for each data source, internal & external
  • Data quality assurance
  • Centralized & Scalable Storage
  • Scalable Performance
  • Interoperability with various tools your team wants to use
  • Flexibility to work in whatever language they may want
  • Access controls to restrict who can access what data

Only until all of the above areas are satisfied, is your enterprise able to make the data-informed decisions required in today’s competitive healthcare industry. In addition to competition and providing scalable solutions for your internal team and clients, you cannot overlook compliance. The long-standing privacy regulations of HIPAA that provide data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information is now only one of the guidelines that healthcare organizations need to adhere to. Laws like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have created a much more regulated environment for enterprises to operate in order to avoid hefty fines and violations of the law.

A modern solution for your enterprise data strategy

HealthVerity’s secure technology platform was built to assist healthcare enterprises get to the data they need AND make it actionable. By transforming the way data-led organizations make critical decisions, HealthVerity has established a modern approach to a healthcare database. Our technology platform serves as the foundation for the rapid creation, exchange and management of healthcare and consumer data in a fully-interoperable, privacy-protecting manner.

HealthVerity platform core capabilities

With HealthVerity’s technology platform, organizations are able to leverage solutions specific to their enterprise needs. Your data strategy is dependent upon the foundation of acquisition, warehousing and access. Once these are underpinnings are stable, your team of analysts, consultants, engineers and marketing are able to perform their job effectively.



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