How to Target the Right Physicians Using Trigger Programs

As therapies become increasingly complex and personalized, it is imperative that physicians prescribe the right patient the right treatment at the right time. Trigger programs help with this effort by using real-world data (RWD) and analytics to iden...

2021 data imperatives: The pulse of the industry

The healthcare industry relies on real-world data more and more to make informed and effective decisions and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this need more than ever. 2020 has proven that centralized data management, a greater ability to share and exchange data and advanced technological developments for virtual care and remote work are now necessities.

As we look towards 2021, pharmaceutical companies, payers and other life science organizations weigh in on their biggest challenges and greatest data needs for the year to come. Get the full survey results below. 

2021 Data Imperatives: The pulse of the industry

Real-world data has been key to understanding, tracking and eventually developing multiple vaccines to combat COVID-19. The role of diverse and interoperable real-world data does not stop there and will play an even greater role in 2021.

HealthVerity Marketplace, the largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem in the US, allows users to discover, link and license a vast array of real-world datasets from more than 75 data providers on more than 330 million Americans. With billions of HIPAA-compliant and interoperable transactions at your fingertips, you can license new data, append your existing datasets and develop more thorough views of patient journeys of interest. Uncover insights that you never knew existed and securely connect data that has never before been possible. 

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