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5 ways patient-centered data will transform how life sciences operate

Advances in both technology and data science present new opportunities to better understand each stage and dimension of the patient journey—clinical, social, behavioral, financial and more. This depth of insight is transformative for every part of healthcare and has the potential to improve patient care like never before.

In a few short years, “seeing” the patient journey has evolved from looking at black and white polaroid pictures to viewing a motion picture in IMAX 3D. As top pharma companies adopt new data standards, more providers move to the cloud and interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem becomes the new normal, that motion picture will become even more realistic.

What does this mean for life sciences?

For those working in life sciences, insights into the patient journey help illuminate the most pressing challenges for patients and what improvements need to be made. They also can inform strategies across the enterprise—from discovery and development to commercialization. In our new ebook, five key areas where life sciences can use RWD are explored:

  1. Discovery and development. 
  2. Market access
  3. Supporting patient care teams
  4. Storytelling. 
  5. Improving the patient journey. 

In a healthcare environment where everything seems to be in flux, understanding the patient journey enables life sciences professionals to make informed, impactful decisions at every step of a therapy’s journey. 

While it can be easy to get lost in the data, working with the right data partners opens up a world of opportunity. By linking the disparate areas of healthcare data together, the right partner can help create a platform for discovering patient insights that have never before been possible—allowing life sciences professionals to improve the patient healthcare journey from the start. 

Interested in learning more about how interoperable data can help build out the patient journey? Read the full ebook below.

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